Presenting the 2023 edition of the world’s top elearning conference!

Technological advancements over the last decade and the drastic rise in digital learning over the last few years have completely transformed the landscape of education. However, have the frameworks, methodologies, and techniques been able to keep up?

To answer this question, we are gathering esteemed academics from around the world for an international forum to discuss how to incorporate these practices as well as the challenge of availing access.

Who should attend this elearn conference?

Researchers, scholars, educators, scientists, and undergraduate/postgraduate students will benefit the most from the presentations of the e-learning conference. Representatives of government organizations, research institutions, non-profit and for-profit companies are also welcomed.

elearning conference

Why should you attend elearning conference 2023?

Engage in cross-border knowledge sharing

Deepen and expand your knowledge, learn about upcoming trends, and inspire others with your unique experience and expertise.

Discover a new place

Get two incredible experiences at once. Enrich your knowledge as well as enjoy a free guided tour of the host city.

Present your research

Advance your academic career by presenting at one of the best elearning conferences of the year.

Form partnerships and networks

Interact with fellow participants and learn of new partnership opportunities, academic grants, and mentorship programs.

How can you join this e-learning conference?

Showcase your research and expertise by presenting at the e-learning conference:

  • Oral presentation – done in-person, at the lecture hall of the venue.
  • Poster presentation – done in-person, on the exhibition floor of the venue.
  • Virtual presentation – done online, with the presentation streamed live.

If you are not yet ready to present your research and would simply like to focus on the learning opportunities, register to join as a delegate:

  • On-site delegate – travel to the venue of the event and enjoy all the benefits of attending in-person
  • Virtual delegate – stream presentations from the comfort of your home or office and join virtual discussions

elearning conference

Themes and Topics of the Elearning Conference

The scientific committee is accepting paper submissions on the following themes: Education Theory and Practice, Language Education (ELTFLT), Education Policy and Administration, Teaching, Child and Family Education, Learning, Teacher  Education, and e-Learning.  Other related topics will also be considered.

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